possible [päs′ə bəl]
[OFr < L possibilis < posse, to be able: see POTENT]
1. that can be; capable of existing
2. that can be in the future; that may or may not happen
a) that can be done, known, acquired, selected, used, etc., depending on circumstances [a possible candidate]
b) that can happen or be; potential
4. that may be done; permissible
5. that may be a fact or the truth
6. Informal that can be put up with; tolerable
SYN.- POSSIBLE is used of anything that may exist, occur, be done, etc., depending on circumstances [a possible solution to a problem ]; PRACTICABLE applies to that which can readily be effected under the prevailing conditions or by the means available [a practicable plan ]; FEASIBLE is used of that which is likely to be carried through to a successful conclusion and, hence, connotes the desirability of doing so [a feasible enterprise ]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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